Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this game all about?

A: Doombringer is a game whose focus is on creating a dynamic arena FPS game with a single player focus. Check out the “About” section for more on this.


Q: Why does it look so weird?

A: We like sleek design as much as everyone. But we think it can also get rather boring, and in worst cases, forgettable. We’ve gone with a more charismatic art direction that we think goes well together with the rather expressive game play, this for the sake of creating a memorable and characteristic world that is more interesting to look at as well as play in. We can of course appreciate that this art direction won’t be to everyone’s tastes and while we try to take all criticism serious. We’re not likely to change the game’s visual design into something more conventional.


Q: If the game is singleplayer why all the focus on multiplayer?

A: When I started out making this game. I wanted to make iterative goals for the game, so that I would at the very least end up with a small game that could be played. Rather than bite off too much at once, and suffer the risk of ending up with a whole lot of potential game that eventually lead to nothing.

Making multiplayer first, and predominantly Duel then is because it’s a small self contained game suite that I felt was possible to create more easily than a full campaign of single player.

This also lets us have a test bed for the game play where we can do tests of a large variety of areas without having to spend too much time on either of them to just perform the test.


Q: Why does the game have familiar maps like Aerowalk and Toxicity?

A: Because when you’re designing a new game, especially one aimed for Multiplayer and duel. New players are bound to have a lot of things they need to get accustomed to to be able to play the game at any meaningful level. Especially if you expect to be able to play the game with them as a part of making a test run for a system. Or the game play at large. Thus creating a familiar environment for players to experience the differences of the game play is useful to help alleviate the new experience.

It is also useful for a testing perspective. As you can then draw comparative information in conjunction with the other games you have at your disposal with the same maps in them.

What is the focus I want to lay on to my game? Am I realizing that goal?


Q: Will Doombringer be on Steam?

A: Maybe, that is a real possibility.


Q: Will Doombringer cost money?

A: The multiplayer aspect of the game will be free. The single player side **might** cost money. But we haven’t decided on this yet.


Q: What engine is Doombringer using?

A: Doombringer is using a Quake based engine called Darkplaces. It runs on Windows (32 and 64bit) Linux and Mac.


Q: Can I run Quake, Quake 2, Quake 3 and/or Xonotic maps in Doombringer?

A: For the most part yes. Some maps may have issues however. If you report a map with an issue to us, we can fix it.


Q: Can I run my own servers using Doombringer?

A: Yes, it’s quite simple to get a temporary listen server running. All you have to do is open the port 26000 on your router, start the game. Type in the ruleset you want to use in the console (duel, tdm, ffa, instagib for instance) and then pick a map. Once the map is loaded people will be able to join your server. You can also use dedicated servers, or the “host game” option in the multiplayer section of the menu.