Doombringer Winter League

At December 1st we're kicking off our first League in Doombringer. This will be very exciting and interesting to see how it turns out. This winter league will be playing out throughout December and January of 2018. With the end of the playoffs probably going out in the beginning of February. Everyone is welcome to sign up. Whether you are a new player or more experienced, we wish to see people of all striders coming in to have fun with us. Play for fun or glory.

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What is Doombringer?

Doombringer is a game project aimed to create a single player game experience with inspirations taken from (though not exclusively) predominantly two sources of previous games. Quake Live and Doom 2. The game aims to be an amalgamation of the best things from both games, thus creating a chaotic and crazy, but most importantly of all, FUN action/strategy FPS game. Join up and play the new version release, Alpha v0.18

Start Playing v 0.19 Alpha


The game is highly modifiable. A lot of it comes courtesy of the source on which we built the game off of. The Darkplaces engine is a highly customizable server and client program that allows for great usability for the player and server hoster alike. While the options menu houses a fair share of options. Those are by no means exhaustive. It would be unfeasible to host all the options inside the menus. But we've done our best to house a wide range of settings that should let you set up the game to your preferences. However should you find yourself in a situation where you want to change more settings. The console is where you need to take your attention.

Download: NetRadiant map editor.

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We love watching how different people play games, and solve problems they encounter differently from us. Share your recordings with the rest of us by uploading them to Youtube.

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